Thor is one of the classic and quintessential luxury brands within the appliance industry. In addition to being a pioneer of convection ovens, Thor was first made famous by a number of celebrity chefs and has since, been known as one of the best kitchen appliance brands. Thor can be complex and this brand requires true master repair technicians (especially for their newer ovens) and we are more than, experienced with this classic brand as well as their older models. We have a seasoned team of expert repair technicians who specialize in Thor appliance repair and all of their featured models. We repair all types of Thor appliances including commercial appliances (although we do charge an additional fee for commercial appliances due to their complexity). Our repair techs are also licensed to repair gas ovens and gas cooktops as well. From new Thor refrigerators to their older freezers- one call will handle it all. Our repair techs are also some of the few in Los Angeles to offer same day repair service for Thor wine refrigerator repair. Additionally, we’re not like the competition where we will make you wait half the day for us to show up and then, wait another couple hours for your repairman to get the replacement part. We often times have many of the necessary replacement parts on our trucks which, helps us to ensure same day service. Our repair techs carry spare parts for many of Thor’s more common parts. Our repair techs service the entire Los Angeles metro area including Santa Clarita as well. We are open 24/7 so please feel free to contact us anytime to schedule an appointment. You can trust us with your Thor refrigerator or wine chiller. We’re the repairmen who can save your foods or wine collection from going bad.

Whether your Thor Oven is older and it needs a new heating element or if it is a newer model and it needs a new motherboard- Its ALWAYS an EZ Fix for us! Call, text or E-Mail us anytime.

Call us anytime 24/7 to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience (323) 383-9627


Eco- Friendly Appliance Repair Safe for Your Home

We repair appliances, unlike many of our local competitors, the environmentally friendly way. We use ONLY eco-friendly materials and repair methods that are safe for you and your family to be around. Many times we have seen firsthand the local competition using lead and other toxic materials as cheap soldering and adhesive materials. These materials, are heated when your appliance runs and are toxic (certain ones can even catch fire). With us, we do not cut any corners to save a few pennies. We are a local family owned business and we also care for the long term safety of our repair technicians as well as our customers. Many of our seasoned repair techs are also certified with the EPA and we go above and beyond the state’s minimum laws for safety to ensure only the best service. Thor is one of the best brands and you should only trust the best for repairing anything made by Thor. Do not risk further harm to your Thor appliance by hiring amateurs. Give our pro’s a call.


Our Service Area

All of our offices have a 20 mile service radius and our repair techs service the entire Los Angeles metro area. With four branches in Canoga Park, San Fernando, Hollywood and Pasadena- we can respond much faster than the competition. Plus, we have a team of seasoned repair technicians who offer same day service and always give honest estimates.  Other major cities we service: Woodland Hills, Santa Clarita and Valencia

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